The Autobid feature will automatically place bids for you. There are 2 ways to activate this wonderful feature:

– By clicking the “A” button (next to the bid button) in the auction, you will activate the default Autobid. This action instructs the Autobid to place up to 1000 bids for you in the chosen auction. The autobid will stop when you run out of credits, reach the 1000 bid limit or the auction ends.

– If you want to customize your Autobid, you can select “Autobid” on your toolbar. From here you can select the Auction, the maximum amount of Bids you wish to place, the auction price at which you would like your “autobid” to activate.

The bids you devote to the autobidder come from you regular credit balance, and thus cost the same as manual bids, but with the convenience of not having to keep a close eye on your auction.

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