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Responsible Bidding

Online auction websites are a fun and exciting way of winning and purchasing products. At we provide a positive and fun customer experience. To this end, we encourage our shoppers to bid responsibly at all times.

Risk Of Addiction

At CrayBid, we understand that there is a risk, albeit a remote one, that taking part in time-critical Auctions may lead to addictive behaviour and indeed personal and social distress. This can occur if a user spends an excessive amount of time on the site, reducing the time spent with family and friends. In this regard, CrayBid assumes a responsibility to provide the following relevant information to ensure that bidding on any Auction contributes to a user's experience in a positive way.


Please take the time to observe the following guidelines:

  1. Take regular breaks between bidding activities. Use the Autobid feature rather than concentrating on beating the timer.
  2. Decide on a monthly budget in advance as your own personal limit for use on the CrayBid site. Do not increase the maximum limit later on.
  3. Before you start participating in any auction, decide the number of CrayBid Credits you are willing to bid with, or determine a maximum price for the auction, after which you will stop bidding.
  4. There is an option to insure the credit used for bidding, thereby getting reimbursed for every lost bid through the insurance process.
  5. Never participate under the influence of alcohol or medication or if you are in a depressive mood.
  6. Bid manually only when you are alert, fully rested and concentrating.

We hope you enjoy the CrayBid shopping experience. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Customer Service team who will be able to answer any more questions.